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Save the Date for the ISGIO 2019 Conference
The 2019 Gastrointestinal Oncology Conference
The 2019 Gastrointestinal Oncology Conference, the official meeting of the International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology, will take place October 10-11, 2019 at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, VA and will provide an educational forum for presenting and discussing the latest advances in the broad field of GI cancer research, as well as critical issues relevant to the care of persons with GI cancer.

Thursday, October 10, 2019
8:00AM 8:05AM Presidential Inauguration
Howard Hochster, MD; Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
8:05AM 8:10AM Introduction and Welcome From The President
Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
Session 1: Pancreatic Cancer
Chairpersons: Michael Choti, MD; Manisha Palta, MD
8:10AM 8:25AM Beyond FOLFIRINOX: Novel Strategies for Systemic Disease
Davendra Sohal, MD
8:25AM 8:30AM Q & A
8:30AM 8:45AM Role of Surgery in Locally Advanced Disease Following Neoadjuvant Therapy
Matthew Katz, MD
8:45AM 8:50AM Q & A
  Debate: Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation vs Chemotherapy Alone for Borderline PDAC?
8:50AM 9:00AM Chemoradiation: Manisha Palta, MD
9:00AM 9:10AM Chemotherapy: Michael Choti, MD
9:10AM 9:30AM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Michael Choti, MD; Manisha Palta, MD
9:30AM 9:40AM Case 1: Genomic Analysis and Management of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer with an Actionable Aberration
Michael Pishvaian, MD (Mentor); Samantha Armstrong, MD   
9:40AM 9:50AM Case 2: Local Recurrence After PD in a Patient Previously Treated with RT
Mentor TBD; Fellow TBD
9:50AM 10:00AM Case 3: Chemotherapy in Elderly Patient with Pancreatic Cancer
Madappa Kundranda, MD (Mentor); Fellow TBD
10:00AM 10:15AM Panel Discussion
Michael Choti, MD; Manisha Palta, MD
10:15AM 10:35AM Break/Posters Available for Viewing
Session 2: Hepatobiliary Cancer
Chairpersons: Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD; Shishir K. Maithel, MD
10:35AM 10:50AM Systemic Therapies for Cholangiocarcinoma: One Size Fits All?
Rachna T. Shroff, MD
10:50AM 10:55AM Q & A
10:55AM 11:10AM Liver Transplant Options for Cholangiocarcinoma
Keri Lunsford, MD
11:10AM 11:15AM Q & A
  Debate: The First Line Treatment for Non-Resectable, Non-Transplantable Liver Only HCC:
11:15AM 11:25AM Systemic Therapy: Mark Yarchoan, MD
11:25AM 11:35AM Liver-Directed Therapy: Michael Soulen, MD
11:35AM 11:50PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD; Shishir K. Maithel, MD
11:50PM 12:00PM Case 1: Systemic Therapy First-Line Treatment
Madappa Kundranda, MD (Mentor); fellow TBD
12:00PM 12:10PM Case 2: Transplant versus Surgery for Early Disease
Michael Choti, MD (Mentor); Rajesh Ramanathan, MD
12:10PM 12:35PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD; Shishir K. Maithel, MD
12:35PM 2:00PM Lunch/Satellite Symposia/Posters Available for viewing
Session 3: Esophageal/Gastric Cancer
Chairpersons: David Ilson, MD, PhD; Weijing Sun, MD
  Debate: FLOT versus CROSS- What is the Role of Radiotherapy
2:00PM 2:10PM Chemotherapy Alone: Weijing Sun, MD
2:10PM 2:20PM Chemotherapy + Radiotherapy: David Ilson, MD, PhD
2:20PM 2:35PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: David Ilson, MD, PhD; Weijing Sun, MD
2:35PM 2:50PM What is the Role of Surgery in Gastric Cancer in the Setting of a Positive Cytology or Oligometastatic Disease?
2:50PM 2:55PM Q & A
2:55PM 3:10PM Novel Targets and Immunotherapy Advances in Esophagogastric Adenocarcinoma? How do we Sequence New Immunotherapy Agents?
Dan Catenacci, MD
3:10PM 3:15PM Q & A
3:15PM 3:25PM Case 1: Long Term Responder to Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy
David Ilson, MD, PhD (Mentor); Yelena Janjigian (Fellow)
3:25PM 3:35PM Case 2: Primary Chemoradiotherapy versus Chemoradiotherapy and Surgery: Esophageal Squamous Cancer
Weijing Sun, MD (Mentor); Fellow TBD
3:35PM 3:50PM Panel Discussion
Chairpersons: David Ilson, MD, PhD; Weijing Sun, MD
3:50PM Meeting Adjourns
Friday, October 11, 2019
Session 4: Hot Topics in Gastrointestinal Oncology
Chairpersons: Axel Grothey, MD; Howard Hochster, MD
8:00AM 8:15AM ESMO update
Axel Grothey, MD
8:15AM 8:20AM Q & A
8:20AM 8:35AM Where are we with Immunotherapy in GI Malignancies?
Michael Overman, MD
8:35AM 8:40AM Q & A
  Debate: Can ctDNA as Marker of Minimal Residual Disease Used to Direct Adjuvant Therapy in Colon Cancer?
8:40AM 8:50AM Pro: Pashtoon Kasi, MD
8:50AM 9:00AM Con: Al B. Benson III, MD
9:00AM 9:15AM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Axel Grothey, MD; Howard Hochster, MD
9:15AM 9:30AM The Coming Wave of Biosimilars: Are They Similar Enough?
Howard Hochster, MD
9:30AM 9:35AM Q & A
Session 5: Localized/Adjuvant Colorectal Cancer
Chairperson: Daniel Haller, MD; Stacey Stein, MD
9:35AM 9:50AM TNT in Rectal Cancer, Ready for Wider Adoption?
Christopher Willett, MD
9:50AM 9:55AM Q & A
9:55AM 10:10AM Optimal Treatment of Stage III Colon Cancer: What is the Big IDEA?
10:10AM 10:15AM Q & A
10:15AM 10:25AM Case 1: Sequencing of Therapy in a Patient with Rectal Cancer and Oligometastatic Disease
Stacey Stein, MD (Mentor); Timil Patel, MD (Fellow)
10:25AM 10:40AM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Daniel Haller, MD; Stacey Stein, MD
10:40AM 11:00AM Break/Posters Available for Viewing
Session 6: Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET)
Chairpersons: Jonathan Strosberg, MD; Pamela Kunz, MD
11:00AM 11:15AM Novel Targeted Therapies
Jennifer Chan, MD
11:15AM 11:20AM Q & A
  Debate: Unresectable Mesenteric Metastases: Should Tumors be Dissected off Mesenteric Vessels?
11:20AM 11:30AM Pro: J. Philip Boudreaux, MD
11:30AM 11:40AM Con: Amanda Laird, MD
11:40AM 12:00PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Jonathan Strosberg, MD; Pamela Kunz, MD
12:00PM 12:15PM Patient Selection for PRRT: Who Should not be Treated?
Lisa Bodei, MD
12:15PM 12:20PM Q & A
12:20PM 12:30PM Case 1: Carcinoid Syndrome Diarrhea, with Discussion about Differential DX of Diarrhea in Patients with NETs (Steatorrhea, Bile Acid Malabsorption, Short Gut)
Jonathan Strosberg, MD (Mentor); Fellow TBD
12:30PM 12:40PM Case 2: Selection of Therapy in Well-Differentiated G3 Pancreatic NET
Pamela Kunz, MD (Mentor); Tanya Gupta, MD
12:40PM 12:55PM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Jonathan Strosberg, MD; Pamela Kunz, MD
12:55PM 2:20PM Lunch on own / Posters Available for Viewing
Session 7: Advanced Colon Cancer
Chairperson: Al B. Benson III, MD; Michael Overman, MD
2:20PM 2:35PM Targeting Molecular Subsets in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (dMMR, HER2, or BRAF V600E): Is it Time for Frontline Targeted Therapy?
2:35PM 2:40PM Q & A
2:40PM 2:55PM Management of Non-Resectable Oligo-Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: How Aggressive Should we be?
2:55PM 3:00PM Q & A
3:00PM 3:15PM Management of MSS RAS-wt Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Sidedness and Anti-EGFR Retreatment
3:15PM 3:20PM Q & A
3:20PM 3:30PM Case Presentation 1: Metastatic MSI Colon Cancer
Al B. Benson III, MD (Mentor); Northwestern fellow TBD 
3:30PM 3:40PM Case Presentation 2: Metastatic Colon Cancer Treatment with HEIPEC
Howard Hochster, MD (Mentor); fellow TBD
3:40PM 4:00PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Al B. Benson III, MD; Michael Overman, MD
4:10PM 4:10PM Closing Remarks
Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
4:10PM Meeting Adjourns