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The 2018 Gastrointestinal Oncology Conference
The 2018 Gastrointestinal Oncology Conference, the official meeting of the International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology, will take place November 1-2, 2018 at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, VA and will provide an educational forum for presenting and discussing the latest advances in the broad field of GI cancer research, as well as critical issues relevant to the care of persons with GI cancer.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018
8:00AM 8:10AM Introduction and Welcome From The President
Howard Hochster, MD
Session 1: Pancreatic Cancer
Chairperson: Michael Choti, MD
8:10AM 8:25AM Screening of Patients at Risk for Familial Pancreatic Cancer: Who To Screen, How To Screen, When to Screen?
Marcia Canto, MD
8:25AM 8:30AM Q & A (5 minutes)
8:30AM 8:45AM Personalized Therapies in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Are We There Yet?
Daniel Laheru, MD
8:45AM 8:50AM Q & A (5 minutes)
  Debate: Role for Local/Regional Therapy in Advanced Disease
8:50AM 9:00AM Pro: Joseph Herman, MD
9:00AM 9:10AM Con: Daniel Laheru, MD
9:10AM 9:30AM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Michael Choti, MD
9:30AM 9:40AM Case 1: Borderline PDAC with Arterial Abutment
Mekhail Anwar, MD (Mentor); Matthew Susko, MD (Fellow)
9:40AM 9:50AM Case 2: Recurrence of Adenocarcinoma in the Remnant Pancreas (Following IPMN-associated PDAC)
Michael Choti, MD (Mentor); Fellow TBD (Fellow)
9:50AM 10:00AM Case 3: Case of Advanced PDAC, Progression Beyond First Line and Carcinomatosis
Davendra Sohal, MD (Mentor); Meena Sadaps, MD (Fellow)
10:00AM 10:15AM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Michael Choti, MD
10:15AM 10:35AM Break/Posters Available for Viewing
Session 2: Hepatobiliary Cancer
Chairpersons: Michael Choti, MD; Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
10:35AM 10:50AM Managing Incidental Gallbladder Cancer
Shishir K. Maithel, MD
10:50AM 10:55AM Q & A (5 minutes)
10:55AM 11:10AM Systemic Therapy Sequencing for Advanced HCC: Navigating the Changing Landscape
Kabir Mody, MD
11:10AM 11:15AM Q & A (5 minutes)
  Debate: Adjuvant Therapy for Cholangiocarcinoma
11:15AM 11:25AM Chemoradiation is Best: Edgar Ben-Josef, MD
11:25AM 11:35AM Chemotherapy Alone is the Way to Go: Milind Javle, MD
11:35AM 11:50PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Michael Choti, MD; Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
11:50PM 12:00PM Case 1: Intrahepatic Recurrence Following Resection of HCC
Ghassan Abou Alfa, MD (Mentor); Sebastian Mondaca, MD (Fellow)
12:00PM 12:10PM Case 2: Fibrolamellar Carcinoma
Ghassan Abou Alfa, MD (Mentor); Gustavo Dos Santos Fernandes, MD (Fellow)
12:10PM 12:20PM Case 3: Multidisciplinary Management of Distal Cholangiocarcinoma
Michael Choti, MD (Mentor); Fellow TBD (Fellow)
12:25PM – 12:35PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Michael Choti, MD; Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
12:35PM 2:00PM Lunch Break / Satellite Symposium
Session 3: Esophageal/Gastric Cancer
Chairpersons: Weijing Sun, MD; Nataliya Uboha, MD
2:00PM 2:10PM Preoperative Therapy with FLOT is the Preferred Treatment for Esophageal and GEJ Adenocarcinoma
Peter Enzinger, MD
2:10PM 2:20PM Preoperative CROSS is the Preferred Treatment for Locally Advanced GEJ
Nataliya Uboha, MD
2:20PM 2:35PM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Weijing Sun, MD; Nataliya Uboha, MD
2:35PM 2:50PM Current Status and Future Directions of Targeted Agents and Immunotherapy in Gastric Cancer
Yung-Jue Bang, MD
2:50PM 2:55PM Q & A (5 minutes)
2:55PM 3:10PM Genomic Profiling and Biomarker Guided Therapy in Esophagogastric Cancer
Samuel Klempner, MD
3:10PM 3:15PM Q & A (5 minutes
3:15PM 3:25PM Case 1: Observation Versus Immediate Surgery for Clinical Complete Response to Chemort in Esophageal Cancer
TBD, MD (Mentor); Fellow TBD (Fellow)
3:25PM 3:35PM Case 2: Earlier versus Later use of Immunotherapy Agents in Met Gastric Cancer that is either MSI High or PDL1 Positive
Weijing Sun, MD (Mentor); Mohy-Ud-Din Ghulam, MD
3:35PM 3:50PM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Weijing Sun, MD; Nataliya Uboha, MD
3:50PM Meeting Adjourns
Friday, November 2, 2018
Session 4: Hot Topics in Gastrointestinal Oncology
Chairpersons: Axel Grothey, MD, Howard Hochster, MD
8:00AM 8:15AM Immuno-oncology - Beyond PD1 Single Agent
Michael Overman, MD
8:15AM 8:20AM Q & A (5 minutes)
8:20AM 8:35AM Cellular Therapies - Wishful Thinking in GI Cancer?
Jaffer Ajani, MD
8:35AM 8:40AM Q & A (5 minutes)
  Debate - Tumor Mutation Profiling in GI Cancer - Worthwhile or Not?
8:40AM 8:50AM Pro - Peter O'Dwyer, MD
8:50AM 9:00AM Con - Howard Hochster, MD
9:00AM 9:15AM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Axel Grothey, MD; Howard Hochster, MD
9:15AM 9:30AM ESMO Update
Axel Grothey, MD
9:30AM 9:35AM Q & A (5 minutes)
Session 5: Localized/Adjuvant Colorectal Cancer
Chairpersons: Daniel Haller, MD
9:35AM 9:50AM Duration of Adjuvant Therapy for Colon Cancer
Anthony Shields, MD 
9:50AM 9:55AM Q & A (5 minutes)
  Debate: Non-Operative Management of Rectal Cancer
9:55AM 10:05AM Pro - Andrea Cercek, MD
10:05AM 10:15AM Con - Najjia Mahmoud, MD
10:15AM 10:30AM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Daniel Haller, MD
10:30AM 10:40AM Case 1: Rectal Cancer with Synchronous Metastasis
Christopher Willett, MD (Mentor); Julian Hong, MD (Fellow)
10:40AM 10:55AM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Daniel Haller, MD
10:55AM 11:15AM Break/Posters Available for Viewing
Session 6: Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET)
Chairperson: Jonathan Strosberg, MD
11:15AM 11:30AM Endoscopic and Surgical Management of Gastric and Duodenal NETs
Sebastian Maasberg, MD
11:30AM 11:35AM Q & A (5 minutes)
  Debate: Radioembolization for Liver Metastases
11:35AM 11:45AM Pro - Andrew Kennedy, MD
11:45AM 11:55AM Con - Ghassan El-Haddad, MD
11:55AM 12:15PM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Jonathan Strosberg, MD
12:15PM 12:30PM High Grade Neuroendocrine Cancers: Should They all be Treated Similarly?
Thor Halfdanarson, MD
12:30PM 12:35PM Q & A (5 minutes)
12:35PM 12:50PM 177Lu-DOTATATE: Patient Selection and Practical Treatment Considerations
Ghassan El-Haddad, MD
12:50PM 12:55PM Q & A (5 Minutes)
12:55PM 1:10PM Case 1: Discussion of Treatment Options for NET Progressing on First-line Somatostatin Analog
Jonathan Strosberg, MD (Mentor); Amr Mohammed, MD (Fellow)
1:10PM 1:25PM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Jonathan Strosberg, MD
1:25PM 2:55PM Lunch Break / Satellite Symposia
Session 7: Advanced Colon Cancer
Chairpersons: Axel Grothey, MD; Al Benson, MD
2:55PM 3:05PM How I Treat mCRC? Making Sense of all the Data
Axel Grothey, MD
3:05AM 3:10PM Q & A (5 minutes)
3:10PM 3:25PM BRAF Mutated mCRC Specific Considerations for Treatment
Dustin Deming, MD 
3:25PM 3:30PM Q & A (5 minutes)
3:30PM 3:45PM Immunotherapy of Anal Cancer
Cathey Eng, MD
3:45PM 3:50PM Q & A (5 minutes)
3:50PM 4:00PM Case 1: HER2 Over Expression to Highlight the S1613 Trial
Marwan Fakih, MD (Mentor); Idoroenyi Amanam, MD (Fellow)
4:00PM 4:10PM Case 2: ctDNA Guiding Treatment
Pashtoon Kasi, MD (Mentor); Candice Baldeo, MD (Fellow)
4:10PM 4:20PM Panel Discussion
Moderator: Axel Grothey, MD; Al B. Benson III, MD
4:20PM Meeting Adjourns